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one of the fe▓w bits of romance in the history of this prolo●nged and unhappy war.He was brave

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beyond measur●e, he was reckless and careless●, he was vain, ostentatious, a●nd extravagant; bu

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t no one dreamed he was a trai●tor.He had tried to obtain a● loan from the French Minister and h

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ad failed, ▓and, so doing, turned to the other side, and ●proposed for money and advancement to

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Jan 11, 2014

surrend▓er West Point and the Highlands, “in such a ●manner as to contribute every ●possible a

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Aug 19, 2015

dvantage to His Majesty’s arms.●” His immediate go-between and corresponde▓nt was a certain Ma

ce.The st▓ory of his
sep 11, 2014

jor André, ●Adjutant-General of the Brit●ish Army, and A.D.C.of Sir Henry Clinton.On t●he very

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